Our Story

So this is the part where we tell you how we’ve got here to building a website to plan our wedding, right? Well, that’s how tradition has it anyway…

Once upon a time – that’s how all the best stories start! Hopefully if you’re visiting this site, you’ll be able to join us as part of our special day, so you should know some of our journey already, but it’s fitting we’re writing about this online as in October 2017, that’s how it started.

The algorithms of a certain well known app conspired to allow us to meet a month later after striking up a connection across 3,000 transatlantic miles (between New York and Chester) and our first time away together came a month later in Bath.

During a year of David enjoying the ability to travel having taken voluntary redundancy, second homes in Liverpool and Chester were formed. After David visited Brazil in March, spending Marjory’s birthday together in New York was the first of a travel-filled year both internationally and closer to home. Marjory enjoyed a visit to her roots and family in Ecuador in August (and David went back to NYC)… who knew we would not be going back to either place in over four years! During the summer, Marjory began to come to more of the drumming events in and around Liverpool and later came to Notting Hill as an unofficial photographer. This sparked a discussion that eventually led to Marjory and Cristina joining ’newbies’ in October… mostly so that we could spend time together at the weekends!

Having met the UK family multiple times throughout 2018, we went to Madrid allowing David to finally meet Marjory’s mum… although neither David nor Margarita were able to speak more than a few words of the other language. A lovely trip to Berlin followed and Marjory encouraged David to start looking for a job again. Margarita then came to share Christmas and New Year in the UK, with a traditional Christmas dinner at David’s parents (Sheila & Max) in Bury.

In 2019, David rejoined the working world after a trip to Brazil and Oxford and Portsmouth outings together. By this time, Marjory was part of the Batala group in Liverpool and Portsmouth was the start of her Mundo journey too. Many fabulous gigs together followed during 2019, including playing at the Cricket World Cup at Old Trafford, the iconic Brazilica festival in Liverpool and the Notting Hill Carnival. Marjory took time off work to visit the family in Spain throughout July and August and David squeezed in a few days to join them in Malaga and then Nerja/Granada, meeting Marjory’s nieces (Ainhoa and Amaia) for the first time too. Some basic conversations with numbers, animals and colours followed in both Spanish and English, but the universal language of sun, sea and swimming pools was much easier to converse in! Then came the excitement of moving-in together, for which there’s no official date, as it was a gradual morphing from Chester to Liverpool over a number of weeks. Christmas in 2019 was hosted in Liverpool, including a near 50:50 mix of Spanish and English speakers. Margarita again joined the UK celebrations, with Marjory’s friends from Chester (Alba, Xorxe and their son Eric) making a full table with the extended Varnom family.

2020 started much like other years… David’s brother Chris moved house, prompting a visit to see him and Helen and a long overdue trip to Barton saw Robin & Kath finally meet Marjory. In February, David & Marjory enjoyed two glorious weeks together in carnaval in Salvador, coming back through Heathrow with 60kg of excess baggage on 2nd March, with (even then) only a hint of what was to happen next. The year was the same as for us all – so we don’t need much description here! A virtual 70th birthday for David’s Mum in May summed-up those months. Marjory then needed to go to Madrid for 8 weeks in June (through a deserted Heathrow airport to take one of only 6 flights leaving that day) which meant that lockdown partially apart in different countries was a slightly different experience for us.

Realising how the time apart had galvanised mutual thoughts, an opportunity to have a break together over the August bank holiday period during lighter restrictions turned into the dream of the Cotswolds holiday with an engagement at the end on 4th September. Finally, there was something to celebrate in 2020!

September and October were treated very much like a cultural tour of Merseyside and the Wirral and many opportunities were taken to tour wedding venues and have guided tours while limited lockdown restrictions were in place. Following that, the monotony of quarantines were broken up by happy planning opportunities for when ’normality’ resumed and even then, it was over a year before anything was booked!

Highlights of 2021 include resuming in-person drumming (Zoom rehearsals had lost their appeal by then), Max’s non-virtual 70th birthday in Bury with the family, Margarita and Federico’s wedding in Madrid in July and a second holiday with Amaia and Ainhoa in Javea.

In January 2022, more of Marjory’s family relocated from Quito to Madrid, so a visit in February meant that David could finally meet his future cuñada! By this time, Marjory was getting so used to making up for lost travel time, she managed to cram in four trips to Spain before June – Paulina was suddenly very busy as the cat-sitter!

And here we are in September 2022… with so much more of our story to write. Thankyou so much for being part of our journey together as we begin our joint paths as David & Marjory Díaz Varnom.