Nuestra Historia

So this is the part where we tell you how we’ve got here to building a website to plan our wedding, right? Well, that’s how tradition has it anyway…

Once upon a time – that’s how all the best stories start! Hopefully if you’re visiting this site, you’ll be able to join us as part of our special day, so you should know some of our journey already, but it’s fitting we’re writing about this online as in October 2017, that’s how it all began.

The algorithms of a certain well known app conspired to allow us to meet a month later after striking up a connection across 3,000 transatlantic miles (between New York and Chester) and our first date was in Chester. It started out a little reserved, wondering what kind of weirdo we’d been messaging. Luckily, it blossomed into a great evening, relaxing into natural conversation… so much so David “accidentally” missed the last train home to Liverpool (and slept on the sofa)!

In 2018 second homes in Liverpool and Chester were formed. A few more trips came along (some longer then others, particularly a birthday trip to NYC) just to test our patience and connection. In-between the travelling, there was lots of drumming. This led to Marjory and Cristina joining ’newbies’ in October… mostly so that we could spend weekends together and share the passion for Batala!

Meeting the family is never easy, even more so when you don’t speak the same language, Spanglish has therefore become a big part of our lives, not only with our family but also between each other. So every family get-together is always an opportunity to make up new words – and correct mis-translated ones.

The excitement of moving-in together (for which there’s no official date, as it was a gradual morphing from Chester to Liverpool during June 2019) led us to host Christmas for the first time, including a near 50:50 mix of Spanish and English speakers, making a full table with the extended Varnom family.

2020 started much like other years. In February, we enjoyed two glorious weeks together in carnaval in Salvador, Brazil and the idea of a proposal was buzzing in David’s head. A perfect time and place never quite came together, and the inspiration had to be put on hold because of what was to happen next. When lockdown came, while we couldn’t do things we usually do, we were together sharing everything and enjoying every moment no matter how hard reality was at that point. However, we went from being 24/7 together to having to spend 8 weeks apart because Marjory had to go to Madrid. In that moment, the world stopped and whatever we’d been working for in every sense was in suspense…

Realising how the time apart had galvanised mutual thoughts, an opportunity to have a break together turned into the dream of the Cotswolds holiday with an engagement at the end on 4th September with a perfect sunset (our banner photo and invitation inspiration). Finally, there was something to celebrate in 2020!

More happy moments came when in January 2022 more of Marjory’s family relocated from Quito to Madrid, so a visit in February meant that David could finally meet his future cuñada!

And here we are in September 2022… with so much more of our story to write. Thankyou so much for being part of our journey together as we begin our joint paths as David & Marjory Díaz Varnom.